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Couples, who wish to come for first consultation, can come any week day irrespective of the day of menstrual period. We need to review your case, look all the previous evaluation & treatment details & accordingly plan your treatment.

Also that is the time when you get answers to all your queries regarding treatment plan, expenses, number of visits, duration of stay, success rate, accommodation facilities etc, and above all a bond of faith, care, & concern is born between us that will strengthen with time.

If it is not possible & if you decide to come for IVF cycle directly, we would definitely like to review your case history & previous treatment details thorough Fax, or email. Once we go through your case history, we will plan out your treatment details including what medicines to start from there, when to come here & for how long.

Usually for IVF ovulation induction, injections are started from cycle day 2 or 3 of menstrual cycle. Woman need to come once or twice for follicular monitoring after 5-7 days of injections. Then for retrieval, till embryo transfer you need to stay at Jaipur for a span of 3-5 days. Hospital stay would be for 4-6 hours on day of retrieval (under anaesthesia) & again on day of embryo transfer.

Pregnancy test is done fourteen days after embryo transfer.